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At Down Deep Drones we have endeavoured to make our remotely operated vehicles as flexible as possible.Change the configuration to match the objective by swapping out and attaching:

  • Sonars

  • Magnetometers 

  • Additional Cameras

  • Manipulators 

  • Grinders 

  • Cutters 

  • Water Samplers

  • Instruments for Sound Velocity 

  • Light Penetrators


Hydrography, In-shore, and Off-shore Surveys

ROVs can be deployed to assist with hydrography reports, by fixing necessary equipment on its tool bar- for example: echo-sounders; sonar; and other instruments beneficial in assisting the safety of navigation, during marine activities.

Ship Hull and Infrastructure Inspection

The Australian Navy, and the US Navy, have been deploying ROVs for a long time.  Chris Lo conducted an interview with US Navy Underwater Ship Husbandry (UWSH) division spokesperson Colleen E O’Rourke who elaborated on the role ROVs have played in inspection and maintenance of US Navy vessels. “There are various forms of inspections that ROVs can conduct to assist in the assessment and planning of maintenance,” she said.

“One utility for an ROV is to conduct quick cursory inspections of the hull or underwater components for debris or damage.  This can be done in less time than with a full team of divers and can be very economical.

“The other utility of an ROV is for precise measurement of ships systems – hull plate and coatings, for example – which is performed by complex instrumentation mounted on an ROV and software to acquire and track the measurement. This method can efficiently survey a ship’s hull faster than a team of divers. The use of ROVs to conduct inspections in contaminated water is also an advantage, mitigating the risk of putting a diver in the contaminated water.”

The Javelin ROV

The Javelin has been specifically designed for ship hull, jetty and infrastructure inspections.  Capable of travelling at 2 metres per second it is easily configured to match other requirements you may have.

Artificial Intelligence and UAUV

At Down Deep Drones we are delighted to say that our flagship ROV X-Calibre is under modification by Sapiient Advanced Technologies to become an unmanned autonomous underwater vehicle (UAUV), including for ship hull inspections. For further information contact Sapiient here.

Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Mine Countermeasures

This is an extremely dangerous task for divers, however, a remotely operated vehicle can assist in examining or disarming a mine or waterborne improvised explosive device.  At Down Deep Drones our ROVs are compatible with a number of manipulator arms, and grabber claws on the market.  Highly manoeuvrable, these underwater drones can provide a huge advantage in minimising human contact with these potential threats.

ROV Deployable with Four Spear Guns

Our flagship ROV X-Calibre is capable of deploying up to four spear guns at once. It can also lift  objects weighing 200kgs from 300m deep using airbags deployed by the ROV.

Ask us for more information here.

View X-Calibre ROV here.

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