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Marine Science

The Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, and University of Tasmania, in Australia have published a report on using ROVs for marine science.

“Advancements in video quality and in ROV technology have allowed ROVs to become a more practical and affordable method for providing assessments for a wide variety of flora and fauna..” 

View the full report here

At Down Deep Drones our ROVs have multiple cameras, and also have the ability to swap or change cameras to best suit the environment being observed. The tool mount, flexible payload, and additional blank electronics ports, possibly allow for many additional cameras or recording devices of your choice.

Tools are available to collect sediment and samples, please let us know what your requirements are. The ROV has multiple academic use applications.

Contact us for more details here.

Invasive Marine Species 

Kevin Ellard from the Department of Primary Industries, Tasmania wrote a valuable report on using ROVs for marine pest surveillance.

“Over recent years, the capabilities of small underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) have improved significantly and reduced in cost. They are now considered useful additions to invasive marine species surveillance programs."

The report is very comprehensive, and includes detailed evaluation on eight remotely operated vehicles available in the market at the time (2019).  Mr. Ellards’ findings were the reason why X-Calibre has so many of the desired properties.  Down Deep Drones used this report to refine and purpose build an ROV. 

At Down Deep Drones we are focused on helping the environment in ways to maintain a balance and reduce invasive marine populations wherever we can. To this end we can provide basic versions of our underwater remotely operated vehicles to not-for-profit organisations around the world and the Australian government.

We are particularly interested in the application of our ROVs in areas of high density rogue sea urchins, lion fish, and other species decimating coral reefs and fishing grounds. We have a number of tools that we have worked on and can share this information with you .

Long Spined Urchin - Invasive in Tasmania, Australia

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