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Commercial Divers


Safety With the Remotely Operated Vehicle on Your Team

Having a remotely operated vehicle on your commercial diving team, could help dramatically in reducing and mitigating risks.  By investing in an ROV, you could create a safer work environment for your divers.  Send in the ROV for a pre-dive site check. With the images the ROV delivers, and the environmental metrics available to it, you could identify problems early. Potentially save thousands on your insurance by using the ROV in this way, to minimise unnecessary exposure to danger for your divers. Provide greater safety for your divers with our underwater drone.

Greater Efficiency with a ROV

Your ROV can provide valuable information when quoting on a job.  Easy to use, no set up time, portable and with full manoeuvrability, your divers can be used elsewhere.  Free up your divers to complete more jobs in the day. 

Extend Diver Operations with a ROV

When conditions and environments preclude the use of divers, having the ROV perform the job will still result in billable hours. An investment in a remotely operated vehicle means that during bad weather conditions, or hazardous dive sites, the work may be performed with less risk and exposure.

Extend Diver Operations with a ROV.jpg

Happier Clients with a ROV

Give yourself a competitive edge - send in the ROV with the dive team to monitor their safety, capture images, and provide additional data to your clients.  Go to greater depths with the ROV, and in murkier waters. Capturing good information, despite the low visibility, is a benefit your clients may appreciate.

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