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8 vectored thrusters 

800 metres depth

Payload standard 4.1kg

Twin batteries - swapped without opening up ROV

Multiple anchor points for tools and penetrator ports for tool control or sensors front and rear of the body.



Length 750mm

Width 356 mm

Depth 233 mm

Weight 11kg including 2 x 10 ah lipo batteries 


The 8 vectored thrusters gives unparalleled maneuveability, and with its highly hydrodynamic design allows an ability to continue operatingincurrents too strong for any other ROV on the market. The hull thickness 10 mm giving a depth to  800 metres. 



Octi-Max 500

  • Orphie Camera 

    This design has been optimized to carry larger cameras carried internally, and integrated into the electronics.  Particularly for the  highly advanced Orphie camera which provides exceptional imagery in the most turbid conditions with a second camera for navigation puporses. The capacity to have this camera inside the ROV body provides many considerable advantages over any ROV with the camera external to the body.  With better all round performance expecially in adverse conditions to lower power consumtion from reduced drag, maximising your time and performance underwater.


    Waterlinked DVL A50

    An interface port for small DVLs has been machined into the body of the ROV and positioned to minimize drag and interference withany other sensors or tools that may be added.



    Blue Robotics T200 are standard and M200 inside Delrin (POM) housings are an option.

    T500 thrusters are optional on a longer body to provide the necessary buoyancy.