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Gold Mining

Gold mining operations in the river, or the ocean are fraught with difficulties - cold conditions, bad weather, low visibility and deep gold alluvial deposits all cause problems. For hobbyist to serious miners- we have the answer!  Being able to operate in almost all weathers, and also at any temperatures is a huge advantage.  Would you like to attach a gold metal detector? A sluice box? A suction pump? Make the most of your time and use a remotely operated vehicle to swiftly identify gold, and collect gold without getting wet!

Contact us now for more information about our underwater drones.

New ROV Prototype

We have successfully designed a remotely operated vehicle with tools specific to commercial and hobby gold miners.  Would you like to be the first to have our ROV? Take home our prototype at the discounted price of $15,000 USD.  First come first serve!


We would love to have your feedback.

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