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8 Blue Robotics T200 Thrusters

Bullet 1.jpeg

Bullet Standard Features

500 metres/ 1000 ft

6 degrees of freedom (Optional: Tether/Reel)

Battery powered for 3 Hours (Optional: Surface Power)

Easily transported- carried and operated by one person. (Optional: Hardcover Case)

Highly adaptable - can accept ancillary equipment and tools

Multiple extra ports, large tool mount.

Replacement of components and upgrades completed by operator

Open Source and with full suite of Blue Robotics components.


8 Blue Robotics T200 Brushless DC


2 Blue Robotics Lithium Polymer Batteries 14.8V 10Ah. (Optional: Add 1 Battery)

Charging Time 1-2 hours full charge

Complies with CASA and IATA regulations

Batteries taken as carry-on on airplane


1 Blue Robotics Low-Light HD USB cameras

Multiple views. (Optional: Add 1 Camera on servo operated gimbal)

Records high resolution video

Records high resolution stills


Records high resolution video and stills


4 Blue Robotics Lumen Subsea LED Lights


Supports sonar

Supports other navigational

Supports DVL

All Our ROVs Have 6 Degrees of Freedom

6 Degrees of Freedom in a Remotely Operated Vehicle .png

Depending on the ROV chosen from Down Deep Drones, you could:

  • Perform tasks up to 500 metres depth (1600 feet)

  • Operate to the battery duration time of up to 6 hours or beyond

  • ROV piloted by engineers/trained experts or anyone with gaming experience

  • Attach multiple sensors, cameras, tools

  • Operate in dark/ murky/ dangerous conditions

  • Have steady and clear video imaging

  • More information gathered with geo-tagging, sonar, liDar, sensor readings

  • One off cost- with very little on going costs, and easy upgrades.

Contact us to see how your operation could become more efficient with our ROVs

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