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The Javelin is configured for ship hull, tank, jetty and rig inspections in its standard form. Very easily adapted for almost any purpose. Forward speed at 10kms per hour.


This product is available, however we need some notice.  Please contact us for delivery times, options and also shipping costs, through our contact page. Thank you.

Javelin ROV

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  • 500 metres

    6 degrees of freedom

    Battery powered For 2 Hours. (Optional: Surface Power)

    Easily transported- carried and operated by one person. (Optional: Hardcover Case)

    Hydrodynamic Design - can be towed for benthic surveys etc. (Optional: Tether / Reel / Optical Fibre)

    Highly adaptable - can accept ancillary equipment and tools

    Modular design- easily modified

    Multiple extra ports, large tool mount.

    Easily repaired in the field

    Replacement of components and upgrades completed by operator

    Service completed by operator

    Open Source and with full suite of Blue Robotics components.

    7 Thrusters

    4 Lumens

    3 Cameras