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What is a Remotely Operated Vehicle?

An ROV is a robot that can go underwater. It is sometimes referred to as an underwater drone. It is controlled from above the water by an operator either on land or in a boat. It usually has a tether connected to it and has a frame, or hull, with thrusters, instruments, possibly tools and onboard power.

What is a UAUV (unmanned autonomous underwater vehicle) or AUV?

An AUV is similar to a ROV however it is preprogrammed, without a tether, and can operate autonomously.

What is a ROV used for?

It collects data, images, videos and also can perform various tasks according to the equipment it has on board.

How is the ROV operated?

A remotely operated underwater vehicle is tethered to the operator. The operator views a screen that displays information about the ROV from its onboard sensors and operates cameras, lights, video and other equipment on the ROV. The ROV is powered with the onboard batteries or alternatively

a surface power supply.

Do I need to take special classes to learn how to operate a ROV from Down Deep Drones?

No- Our ROVs are easy to operate and we also provide a training course for free.

How long can a ROV stay underwater?

It depends on how many batteries are on board, and how long each battery has per charge. Some ROVs have either surface power or surface power as an optional extra.

How far down can the ROV go?

The ROV would be limited to the depth rating of the materials it is made from and how long the tether is.

How long do the batteries last?

Each ROV is different and depends on what batteries are fitted, and how many batteries . X- Calibre comes standard with 3 batteries and can last up to 6-8 hours. The Javelin, The Gold Digger and De-Litter Bug all come with one battery standard or unto 90 minutes.

Can I take the ROV on a plane?

Yes you can carry the batteries on the plane and check the ROV In with your baggage.

How much does the ROV weigh?

Our heaviest ROV x-calibre weighs 23kg out of water. Our lightest ROV weighs just 9kgs out of water.

What is the ROV made out of?

X-Calibre, The Javelin, the Bullet are all made from machined alloy. Our other ROVs are made from ABS plastic that is 70% recycled.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a Logitech controller, and a tablet or laptop to view the ROVs readings.

Why do you use open source?

Open source allows us to upgrade the equipment when there are significant technological improvements and offer them to our customers. Our customers are able to do their own modifications all with support from Down Deep Drones.

Where can I buy extra equipment from?

Our ROVs can support most Blue Robitics products. Let us know what changes you would like to make before your purchase.

How can you service this?

Our ROVs do not need servicing.

Where are you located?

Down Deep Drones is an Australian company. We supply ROVs around the world.

Can I add my own tools?

Let us know your ROV of choice and which tool you had in mind. You can add many tools but it depends on the weight of them and the available payload of each ROV.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty is for 24 months.

Can I contact you if I have any problems?

We would prefer you to contact us with any concerns within 2 weeks of receiving your ROV. We can provide phone and email support for three months after delivery.

How can the ROV be used for wreckage discovery?

Task-specific modifications like mechanical arms and tools help with exploring wreckages.

What tools can be used for geological exploration?

The ROV can be fitted with rock cutting tools to extract samples for analysis.

What tools can be used for mapping?

For mapping the seabed, the ROV can be equipped with LiDAR or SONAR.

Where and how do you store the ROV?

The ROV must be stored in a dry and clean area to prevent any fungal growth or corrosion.

What is the external coating on the ROV?

Our ROVs are anodised to prohibit growth of mould or organisms on the exterior.

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