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Unlocking Sustainable Underwater Fishing: Underwater Drones with a Spear Gun Attachment

As they say necessity is the mother of invention.  Our robotics engineer was brought up on a small South Pacific Island.  On occasion venturing out in a boat to fish was impossible due to weather, currents and inaccessibility.  A spear gun attachment on a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or underwater drone serves various a very practical purpose in sustainable fishing and also in marine research, conservation, and even recreational activities.
With functionality and conservation in mind, responsible conservation practices are our guiding principles. Our technology minimises harm to marine species and promotes responsible fishing practices.

     Scientific Research -     Tag and Track

ROVs with spear guns can be used to tag and track marine animals, such as sharks, turtles, or large fish. Researchers can attach tracking devices to study their behaviour and migration patterns. With spear guns, tagging becomes non-invasive, leading to more reliable data collection and reduced harm to the animals being studied and less potential danger to the diver.

Reduced Investment Costs

Traditional fishing boats and gear can be expensive for many island communities. Underwater drones are a more cost-effective solution, allowing them to fish without the high cost. Fishing can be done from the shore or a jetty easily, helping these communities sustainably feed their families.


 No By-Catch- Select Your Fish

One of the primary benefits of our spear gun attachment is its ability to reduce bycatch significantly. By precisely targeting the fish you want, you minimise unintended catches and ecological disruption. This means that you take only what you need, reducing waste and promoting sustainable fishing practices Preservation of fish stocks is of vital importance..

Spear Fishing 

For recreational anglers, underwater drones with spear guns offer a unique way to engage in spearfishing, a popular water sport. Anglers can now spear fish at deeper depths with the underwater drone.

If you’d like more information about our ROVs with spear guns, get in touch today.

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