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Manipulators- Reach Robotics

A manipulator on a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is an invaluable tool for executing precise and complex tasks in challenging environments. Whether exploring the depths of the ocean, conducting underwater inspections, or performing delicate operations in hazardous areas, ROV manipulators enhance versatility and control. With its responsive and dexterous capabilities, the manipulator allows operators to remotely handle objects, collect samples, and perform intricate manoeuvers with unparalleled precision. This not only ensures safety by minimising human exposure to risky environments but also expands the scope of applications, making ROVs equipped with manipulators indispensable for the environment, offshore exploration, marine research, and underwater maintenance.

Emergency Dive                Response

Down Deep Drones and Manipulators for Search and Rescue

We’re helping Special Recovery operators, including First Responders and Search and Rescue teams, do more with their underwater robotics and autonomous systems. Reach Robotics’s lightweight manipulator arm multiplies the capability of existing underwater platforms by enabling the following tasks.

  • Close Visual Inspection

  • Access confined to spaces beyond the capability of a free-flying ROV

  • Hold and recover objects

  • Attach/hook a carabiner/recovery cable connector (RCC)

  • Pull and cut a rope, line, and netting

  • Forensic evidence collection

At Down Deep Drones we have ROV-mounted tether reels, allowing the ROV to navigate complicated structures without the need to attempt dragging tether. This combined with the robotic manipulators, cutter tools, and range of pneumatic tools our ROVs offer unparalleled options for extracting a person or a body from the most difficult of situations.

Commercial           Diving

Down Deep Drones and Diving Manipulators

  • All-electric – no hydraulics, zero potential for oil leaks and contamination hazards

  • Underwater visual feedback for continuous inspection

  • High dexterity for complex NDT inspections of tanks and pipe walls

  • Fully contained system with minimum external fasteners and openings for easy decontamination

  • No Earth Metals or Halogens

Ocean                 Science

Down Deep Drones and Manipulators for Marine Science

Reach Robotics small, smart robotic arms are increasing the opportunities of oceanography research by expanding the exploration capabilities of marine biologists, subsea explorers, and diving enthusiasts. The adjustable grip force feature of our lightweight manipulators and interchangeable end effectors offers dynamic possibility – pick up a sea urchin or cut a cable!

  • Organism Sampling

  • Sediment and Water Sampling

  • Delicate organism investigation with gentle handling.

  • Selective sterilisation of Crown-of-Thorns Starfish and other pests.

  • Recovery of objects, debris, and ocean junk.

  • Placement and recovery of sensors.

Marine Debris                Collection

Down Deep Drones and Manipulators for Marine Debris

Marine debris poses a significant threat to aquatic ecosystems, affecting marine life and the environment. Deploying manipulators on ROVs offers an efficient and safe solution for collecting marine debris from the ocean floor. With precise control, these manipulators can grasp and retrieve debris, contributing to the preservation of marine habitats.

The environmental impact of marine debris is vast, ranging from entanglement of marine life to the disruption of fragile ecosystems. By utilising ROV manipulators, we not only expedite the cleanup process but also reduce the need for human divers to engage in potentially hazardous operations.

Rogue Urchin        Collection

Down Deep Drones and Rogue Urchin 

Rogue urchins, when left unchecked, can devastate underwater ecosystems by overgrazing on kelp forests. ROV manipulators offer a targeted and efficient method for the removal of these destructive organisms. By carefully navigating the underwater terrain, manipulators can grasp and collect rogue urchins, helping to restore balance to the ecosystem.

The precision of ROV manipulators is particularly advantageous in delicate environments, minimising the risk of collateral damage to surrounding marine life. This method not only aids in ecological restoration but also ensures the preservation of biodiversity.

Invasive Sea Star             Collection

Down Deep Drones and Invasive Sea Star Collection with Manipulator

In Tasmania, invasive sea stars pose a threat to the native hand fish population. ROV manipulators can provide an effective means of collecting these invasive species, mitigating their impact on local ecosystems. By precisely capturing sea stars, we can protect the unique biodiversity of Tasmania's underwater habitats.

Employing ROVs for this task enhances safety for divers, eliminating the need for direct contact with potentially harmful sea stars. The reduced disturbance to the environment during collection further contributes to the overall health of marine ecosystems.

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