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Invasive Pest Control

Kevin Ellard from the Department of Primary Industries, Tasmania wrote a valuable report on using ROVs for marine pest surveillance.

“Over recent years, the capabilities of small underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) have improved significantly and reduced in cost. They are now considered useful additions to invasive marine species surveillance programs."

The report is very comprehensive, and includes detailed evaluation on eight remotely operated vehicles available in the market at the time (2019).  Mr. Ellards’ findings were the reason why X-Calibre has so many of the desired properties.  Down Deep Drones used this report to refine and purpose build an ROV. 

View the full report here.

Custom Built Tools

Would you like to harvest Lionfish off the coast of Florida or Sea Urchins in New Zealand? Perhaps sucking up gold rich alluvium in Alaska? We can design and manufacture the ideal remotely operated vehicle and tools.

Let us know your requirements.

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