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Aquaculture / Fish Farms

Down Deep Drones provide services only to aquaculture and fish farms that uphold standards set by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

As has been the case with other industries, implementing technology can reduce operating costs. By introducing a remotely operated vehicle into day to day processes, many tasks in aquaculture can be completed in a timely and efficient manner.  


Net Inspections Performed by ROV

Damaged netting can lead to huge economic loss in aquaculture from escaped fish stock. A damaged net is sometime difficult to locate, and traditionally has been identified through using divers - an expensive, sometimes dangerous, and inefficient method. Net damage could be from the accumulation and adhesion of micro organisms,  or perhaps algae, or barnacles. The damage can start with a very small hole and then quickly increase in size, through weather conditions and exiting stock.  To prevent this, the ROV could inspect the nets at close range, on a regular basis, and monitor and record any changes.  Using the high resolution cameras, potential damage could be identified early, and then avoided.

Net Inspections Performed by ROV.jpg

Pen Inspections Performed by ROV

Close inspections by the ROV in the pen, can detect any changes to the fish behaviour and also condition.  Quick identification of any problems can be crucial for the stock - aggressive behaviour, or changes in the appearance of the fish from disease, or other health welfare issues. Detecting change early can be vital - removing the stock that is showing signs of breeding deformities, parasites or disease, prevents further issues. Our underwater ROVs are capable of operating for up to 8 hours, performing inspections, but also by utilising tools specific to the industry, making ROVs a cost effective addition to any operation. 

Pen Inspections Performed by ROV.jpg

Water Quality Management with an ROV

Critical environmental factors for most species depends on dissolved oxygen, salinity, ammonia, nitrate and pH levels.  By having the correct water quality, diseases can be prevented.

Contact us for more information on how a ROV from Down Deep Drones can help you.

Benthic Surveys by ROVs

At Down Deep Drones, our ROVs easily perform benthic surveys. 

Ask us how.

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