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Length: 745cm

Width: 475cm

Height: 130cm

Weight in air: 23kg / 57lbs incl. 3 batteries

Speed Forward: 6 knots

Payload: 1.5kg / 3lbs


300 metres/ 1000 ft

6 degrees of freedom

Battery powered For 6 Hours. (Optional: Surface Power)

Easily transported- carried and operated by one person. (Optional: Hardcover Case)

Hydrodynamic Design - can be towed for benthic surveys etc. (Optional: Tether/Reel)

Highly adaptable - can accept ancillary equipment and tools

Modular design- easily modified

Multiple extra ports, large tool mount.

Easily repaired in the field

Replacement of components and upgrades completed by operator

Service completed by operator

Open Source and with full suite of Blue Robotics components

X-Calibre Remotely Operated Vehicle