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Experience X-Calibre

Remotely Operated Vehicle with Optional Artificial Intelligence.

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Welcome to Down Deep Drones

We design, build, and market underwater robotic vehicles that operate in all water, including oceans, rivers, and lakes. These include underwater drones that are built for varied uses such as industrial, professional, marine studies, environmental, fishing, and for underwater discovery.

DDD Welcomes Interest from investors

LIke many small businesses in their early years we have greaat products with appeal to global markets but we are perpetually under-capitalised. We are unable to acheive the economies of scale that would allow for cheaper production costs and thereby create better competitor advantage in the marketplace.  We would welcome any interest from any prospective investors that would help us acheive our mutual goatls.

Why did we enter the market?

Whilst there are a few capable remotely operated vehicles available on the market, we recognised a need to focus more on specific attributes that each diverse industry demands.

Rather than offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach, our robotic engineers have delivered easily adaptable units, purpose built to match our customers individual requirements. View a comparison report here.

What features do you need?

Designed for specific purposes, from the highly capable working ROV X-Calibre, to our other underwater drones, they are configured to deliver exacting performance in highly specialised fields. The unique designs flow and glide through currents, optimising battery life for up to eight hours. Find our product comparison guides here.

Need something tailor made? Without the price tag?

Our capable Robotics Engineers and AI Engineers love a challenge, and can adapt our tools and units to meet your requirements as closely as possible. Contact us for a free consultation.

What makes Down Deep Drones different?

All of our remotely operated vehicles are produced with strict criteria: low entry cost, easily carried by one person, transportable on airplanes, customisable, with full manoeuvrability, and accurate dexterity. Separate compartments in the ROV hull allow for the user to service and access only those areas needing attention - maintaining and maximising the life of the ROV, along with easy upgrades. As an example, take a look at X-Calibres features and benefits here.

Want the best choice, and for the lowest cost?

We understand that cost and choice are paramount to our diverse customer base, and by creating a system that can use equipment you may already own, we give you that freedom. Bring your own laptop, tablet, game controller or other preferred display screen and controller of your choice for a plug and play experience.

Why Open Source Software?

By Down Deep Drones using free, open-source software, our customers benefit from the latest technological advancements, which is faster to market and at the lowest cost! Even after their purchase, they can easily perform the software upgrade on their own units. Additionally the prohibitive costs of research and development that some companies may have for their proprietary software, makes even our most comprehensive units more affordable than some other entry models.

Can I future-proof my Investment?

By producing our underwater drones with the low-cost, high-quality components and systems provided through Blue Robotics, our customers also have the ability to purchase additional parts and accessories direct from Blue Robotics if they wish. With a purchase from Down Deep Drones you have flexibility, choice, and your investment in our underwater ROVs is as future-proofed as we could possibly make it.

Our Partners

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Down Deep Drones acknowledges the traditional owners of the land and pays its respect to the elders of the past, present and emerging.


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