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Max Depth 300m

Max Range 500m

PIng Frequency 25kHz

Update Rate 1 Hz


The Mark III ROV Locator takes the ease of use of a cost-effective underwater positioning solution to a new level. Using the interrogate/response model of a traditional USBL system, it dispenses with both distance sync at the start of the mission and period crystal calibration procedures. With the supplied topside CeruleanTracker software, you can get up and running in no time or use the open API to integrate the Mk III with your own software. The MK III has a 300m depth rating, and with no timebase drift, the system can remain submerged indefinitely without losing slant range accuracy.

ROV Locater Bundle Mark III

  • Maximum Depth Exposure (minimum crush depth) 300m

    Volume, Transceiver Unit 480ml

    Mass, Transceiver Unit 600g

    Volume, Transponder Unit 300ml

    Mass, Transponder Unit 410g

    Absolute Maximum Range 300m

    Typical Usable Range 300m

    Apparent Yaw/Azimuth resolution 0.1°

    Apparent Elevation angle resolution 0.1°

    Slant range measurement resolution 0.1m

    IMU Euler angle accuracy, typical (magnetic errors not included) 2°

    Update rate 1Hz

    Transceiver Ping Frequency 43kHz

    Transponder Ping Frequency 25kHz

    Transceiver V-in power Vin: 5-16V DC
    2.5W average, 3.5W peak @5V DC
    2.1W average, 3.3W peak @12V DC

    Transponder V-in power Vin: 5-28V DC
    1.7W average 2.9W peak @5V DC
    1.3W average, 4.1W peak @16V DC

    Serial Comms Voltage Levels 3.3V TTL or 5V TTL, auto sense