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Unite and Innovate for Cleaner Oceans

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Rent an ROV and Collect Marine Debris -

Are you concerned about the state of our oceans and marine life? Do you want to make a positive impact on the environment, but don't know where to start?

We at Down Deep Drones have developed a low-cost and easy-to-use Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to collect marine debris. Still a prototype - The specialised tools that we use, are also compatible with established brands Blue Robotics BR2 and QYSEA.

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Many environmental organisations already own these brands of ROVs , and so by allowing our tools to be used on them, we are helping reduce their operating costs. This compatibility provides cost-saving benefits by allowing organisations to use their existing equipment instead of investing in new, specialised ROVs. Using existing ROVs optimises resources, reduces downtime and leads to increased efficiency in marine debris collection operations. Standardised tools across different ROVs enable better data comparison with other organisations and regions, resulting in more effective large-scale environmental initiatives. The ROV for marine debris collection is used in coastal areas, ports, harbours and the ocean. Its practical applications include removing abandoned fishing nets and plastics. The innovative features, such as the heavy lift bag that inflates and lifts items up to 250kg to the surface, the ghost-net cutter that cuts wire, the grappling hook that attaches and lifts items to the surface and the bottle and can collector that scoops items from the ocean floor are not available on other commercial ROVs. The ROV will be available at $10,000 , making it affordable for small and large environmental/community groups and governments worldwide. It also has a significant market potential in ocean-based industries like offshore energy, aquaculture and underwater mining for cleaning up debris.

Down Deep Drones will also develope an online automated platform that connects a global network of already owned ROVs to individuals concerned for the environment. The platform will streamline the collection of marine debris and provides a semi-automated model for marine debris collection. The connection allows the remote operator to control the ROV, and the system helps ROV owners, like environmental organisations, maximise the use of their asset and generate income from it.

The booking platform will link ROVs on a large scale to perform essential tasks and raise public awareness of the enormous scale of marine debris, estimated to be over five trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. By using innovative technology, Down Deep Drones wants to make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life for people living near the ocean and removing hazardous marine debris from the water. It saves time and money by making marine debris collection more efficient and cost-effective, bolstering the economy by providing a low-cost solution that can be used by environmental and community groups around the world.

But what makes the system truly exciting is that it's not just for marine biologists or ocean researchers. Gamers and hobbyists can also get involved! Imagine using an ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) to explore the depths of the ocean and collect marine debris. It's like a real-life video game, but with a positive impact on the environment. The rental of the ROVs will be around $20 per hour. Affordable to many people, bringing in an income to the environmental organisations and helping less wealthy nations to make use of their assets and create an income. Did you know that there are currently over 1 million ROVs in use around the world? By using our system, we can significantly increase the number of people collecting marine debris and ultimately help to reduce the amount of plastic and other waste in our oceans. So let's come together and make a positive impact on the environment. With Down deep drones, we can have fun, explore the depths of the ocean, and feel good about doing our part to protect our planet. I believe that this system has the ability to take off and become a popular choice for people who want to make a difference. And the potential for positive change is exactly what we love at Down Deep Drones. So if you're looking for a way to make a difference and have fun doing it, consider investing in a Down Deep Drones ROV, or possibly just rent one by the hour when the booking system is up and running, and start helping collect marine debris. Together, we can help protect our oceans and the creatures that call them home.

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