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Spear Gun on an Underwater Drone

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Unlocking Underwater Exploration: Spear Gun on an ROV - The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to Down Deep Drones, where cutting-edge technology meets underwater exploration in an innovative and responsible manner. We have developed the first commercially available underwater drone with a spear gun attached, revolutionising the way we interact with the ocean. With years of rigorous testing on Blue Robotics ROVs, we proudly present our perfected designs, including a version that can also be mounted on the QYSEA FIFISH range.

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Inspired by the potential of underwater drones, we set out to develop a technology that could help with sustainable fishing and help researchers with shark tagging with an underwater drone.

Innovative Technology:

Our team's dedication has led us to design an underwater drone with a spear gun attachment that ensures precision, safety, and efficiency. This combination of ROV technology and our innovative spear gun attachment has opened up new horizons for researchers, conservationists, and marine enthusiasts alike.

Our testing process allowed us to overcome challenges and create a reliable and effective system that strikes a balance between functionality and conservation.


We are pleased to announce that our spear gun attachment can be compatible not only with Blue Robotics ROVs but also with the QYSEA FIFISH range. This versatility makes the underwater drone accessible and practical for a wide range of applications.

Precision Targeting:

Precision: ROVs equipped with spear guns allow for precise targeting of specific organisms or objects, enhancing the accuracy of tagging, sampling, or data collection.

Non-Invasive Tagging:

The ability to tag animals remotely with spear guns can reduce the stress and disturbance caused by direct human intervention, leading to more reliable data collection and minimising potential harm to the tagged animals.


ROVs can cover large areas and reach depths that might be challenging for human divers, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of tagging or data collection efforts.


Using ROVs with spear guns can eliminate the need for human divers to engage in potentially hazardous activities, improving safety during underwater operations.

Safety is at the core of our design principles. Our underwater drone with a spear gun reduces the need for human divers to engage in potentially hazardous activities. Who wants to poke a shark with a pointy object? By removing direct human interaction, we not only ensure the safety of researchers and divers but also minimise stress on marine species, promoting ethical research and responsible conservation practices.

Empowering Sustainable Fishing:

With the rise of sustainable fishing practices, our underwater drone with a spear gun can play a role in responsible fishing. Precise tagging of fish and monitoring their movements aids in sustainable fisheries management, helping to preserve marine ecosystems and ensuring the longevity of fish stocks. Reduced bycatch, and the possibility of just targeting one large fish, means that we only target and take what we need.

Helping Island Communities Feed their Families Inexpensively

Introducing an underwater drone with a spear gun to low income island communities can offer several potential benefits, particularly when it comes to sustainable fishing and resource management.

Access to Remote Areas: Island communities often rely heavily on fishing for their livelihoods. Having an underwater drone with a spear gun can give them access to remote and hard-to-reach fishing grounds that might be challenging to access with traditional boats and fishing gear.

Reduced Investment Costs:

Traditional fishing vessels and gear can be expensive for these communities to acquire and maintain. Implementing underwater drones as an alternative can be a more cost-effective solution, allowing them to engage in fishing activities without the significant financial burden.

Looking Ahead:

At Down Deep Drones, we are incredibly excited about the future of underwater exploration. Our innovative technology bridges the gap between sustainable use and environmental preservation. As we continue to refine our designs and expand our offerings, we envision and hope for a world where underwater drones become indispensable tools for sustainable marine research and conservation.

Speargun for a QYSEA FIFISH underwater drone. Machined alloy mounts. Easily taken on and off. Effective maximum range with 30cm pneumatic speargun is 3 metres with the mounts sighted in at 2.75 metres.

Larger spear gun mounts and adapter plates available for spearguns up to 55cm , additional USD $100

Controlled Testing Video From QYSEA FIFISH EVO 05/10/23

Same Shot From Above

If you already own a QYSEA FIFISH - USD$950 including claw. Not including shipping and taxes.

If you already own a QYSEA FIFISH and claw - USD $400 not including shipping and taxes

If you do not own a QYSEA please contact us.

Please contact us at or call +61 420582225

Spearing Fish Testing Video - Coming Soon!

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