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Blue Robotics, Marine Conservation and ROVs

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Have you ever wondered how underwater robots can help in marine conservation? Look no further than Blue Robotics, a California-based company that designs and manufactures affordable and easy-to-use underwater robotics for various industries, including marine conservation.

Back in 2014, Blue Robotics launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first product, the T100 Thruster, which we at Down Deep Drones purchased for our own ROV projects. The campaign exceeded their funding goal in just two weeks, showing the high demand for their technology.

What sets Blue Robotics apart is their focus on making underwater robotics accessible to everyone. Their open-source software allows students, educators, and researchers to customise their underwater robots to suit their specific needs. This makes it easy to conduct experiments or collect data relevant to marine conservation efforts.

Their products have been used in various marine conservation projects around the world, from tracking endangered species to monitoring coral reefs and studying ocean acidification. For instance, researchers used the T200 Thruster to power an ROV equipped with a camera to collect images and videos of plastic waste, aiding efforts to monitor plastic pollution in the ocean.

Blue Robotics' success can be attributed not only to their innovative products but also to their collaborative and community-focused approach. They have created online forums and resources where customers can share tips and advice on building and operating underwater robots. They also regularly participate in events and workshops to connect with the marine robotics community.

With Blue Robotics' open-source software, it has allowed other businesses and organisations to use their technology in their own products and projects. This further expands the impact of Blue Robotics' innovation and helps drive progress towards a sustainable ocean future.

Blue Robotics is playing a significant role in advancing marine conservation efforts through their accessible and customisable underwater robotics. Their commitment to collaboration and community building is helping to create a network of marine robotics enthusiasts dedicated to a sustainable ocean future. At Down Deep Drones, we are proud to incorporate Blue Robotics' products into our own marine conservation projects and we look forward to seeing how their technology will continue to make a difference.

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